Some crazy insights from ‘3 idiots’

Airtel – 3 Idiots: The Co-branding Potential

We know that Airtel has done some in-movie branding stuff in 3 idiots. Now as I was seeing this movie for the 2nd time, a crazy thought occurred to me. Somehow I felt that Airtel has a very interesting potential to harness. Let me explain it.

Every movie reviewer and even the most seasoned disciples of bollywood melodrama have unanimously agreed that the baby delivery scene was a little too Over The Top. But if you stop to look at it, there is something very Indian that happens in the sequence – the Power Cut. And all hell breaks lose.

Now how can Airtel (Airtel because it has already tied in with the movie) use this? Simple use this very Bollywood melodrama to hammer a very powerful and a moving message in a very relevant way and that too enabled by something that is pan Indian in its impact and influence – Bollywood.

Now let us rewind. The delivery scene – everyone ready – but alas, a power cut! Then something very simple happens. Kareena calls up. She realises that there is power cut and just remember the Rancho’s heroic struggles to improvise everything from power, to a vacuum device for enabling a delivery. Now, bring in Airtel 3G (when we have 3G in India of course).

Now, cut to the question

“How would 3 idiots be different with Airtel 3G?”

Simple.  The communication part between Aamir and Kareena can now be almost seamless and simple – both audio and visual. They would not require an unwieldy contraption of a PC and a webcam. Now you can both see and talk through the phone – even an ‘aam admi’ (the common man) can understand and appreciate what 3G can do for them now.

We have AR Rehman’s iconic Airtel tune playing in the background as we quickly see how 3G re-creates a scene of 3 idiots in its own magical way. You just need to re-shoot a quick montage of sequences with Airtel 3G now in the scene and the baby delivered.

Message conveyed: C’mon why not? Its the Bollywood cocktail, with some pinch of drama and stirred with a shot of star powered tequila

Functional Credentials Driven: There could not be a more readily available plot, actors and script that are all aligned to drive a very powerful message of the functional credentials of 3G and the potential therein for a redefined India ‘powered by Airtel’.

Reach Maximized:3 idiots is very clearly targeted at the ‘Millennials’ – those born between 1977 and 1998. They are now the new Gen Yuppies in corporate India, the aspiring students who want to make it big, the passionate dreamers, the definitive achievers etc. So a re-mashed version of this 3 idiots is sure to catch the relevant segment’s eye balls. Note that I have deliberately segmented only on age demographics. This would clearly have a Pan India appeal.

Entertainment Ensured: The TV Commercial or the Youtube video whatever it is would have a very high entertainment value, ensuring many repeat views and ofcourse many more smiles.

Very high recall guaranteed: After all the canvas on which the message is being painted is a very popular movie – 3 idiots and the star cast is big!

Brand Equity Improved: I can only guess that across the entire pyramid, equities related to Awareness, Relevance, Advantage and Conviction can certainly be influenced positively in the consumers’ minds with such an execution.

Anything else that I missed? But yes, this also could mean that it could be an expensive execution. But wouldn’t it be entirely worth it?

But just think of it, everything is almost there. The branding collaboration is already there in place. They just need to work out some more legalities and any applicable royalties (I guess so). The star cast, background, plot and the message can never be as relevant, functional, emotional, entertaining with a Pan Indian appeal for the very same target consumer. Should we really give it a miss?

But yes, in a way such plots have slowly got to be owned by ‘Idea’. But why not try to seize the power of this idea? “An idea can change your life”. Airtel..What say?

Disclaimer: This is some free advice. Take it or leave it. But feel free to criticize it 🙂

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