The curious case of a smart editor and a lame drafter

I was almost done with my draft for a new blog post and then a divine mess happened. I inserted a html tag in the text and clicked on that in the editor and alas! I saw the editor opening the website of the link!

  • At first I was impressed by the seemingly multifaceted functionality of tumblr’s text editor – the editor didn’t seem to care about my ‘impression’
  • Then I coolly attempted to get the editor back to the draft mode from its unexpected avatar of a mini web browser – the editor refused to take back its original avatar
  • Attempted ‘Back’ing the editor with the help of the back arrow in the keyboad – by then a video in the website started playing in the text editor- whooaw!
  • Groped the toolbar of the editor for any hidden directions to get back to my treasure trove of text the result of the last 2 hours of though and articulation – there was no way
  • Tried right clicking in the editor field and toggled with ‘Back’ and ‘Forwarded’ – by then I started to get an inkling that either I was too lame or that the tumblr’s editor is too smart for me
  • With greater desperation I now tried all of the above again – tumblr too was relentless
  • One last time, for the sake of my original effort, enthusiasm and energy with which I was almost about to finish my blog post, I tried to mutter something under my breath – just in case it turns out to be a divine spell – result: tumblr logs out and asks for my password
  • Famished I dutifully enter my password and get in

and this is what I type for the day 😦

Lost my entire post. See you all tomorrow with the original post.

PS: Still wondering if I am a little too dumb for tumblr or is it just lame with a satanic bug in the editor. Whatever it is, now it’s my loss!

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