Of Great News, Apple and Splotches

It has been a crazy week at work and it has robbed me off any available time to ideate and write. In fact there are quite a few topics in the pipeline about which I was planning to pen (rather ‘key’) about. But before that there is a very heartening update that I had wanted to share this week.

My blog post on The Best Touch Points in India for marketing Fabric Conditioners, has been referred to the Category Innovation Head of the Indian arm of my company! One of my manager’s at work has seen this post and has found it to be very interesting and has forwarded to the people concerned for the evaluation of the idea.

I do not know if this idea would be a reality (as the ground realities, legal and govt. technicalities involved could be challenging for a smooth implementation of this idea). But I felt extremely humbled when I discovered that some bytes of my ‘noise’ have actually become worthy of ‘that’ level of attention.

Though my blog has been a very recent endeavor, almost every post of mine has been commented/discussed by many learned people around – some in the company that I work for, some very famous bloggers, some FMCG enthusiasts, some marketing evangelists, some friends and some well wishers. I feel inspired at every such occasion and it makes me take my learning even more seriously and my ignorance even more seriously.

Thank you everyone. This reminds of a very famous live by Steve Jobs.

“Stay Hungry Stay Foolish”

And this reminds me of another super interesting thing – Apple and Jan 27th:

Never before has an Apple event been as anticipated, as debated and discussed about and as hyped as this one is. As David Colker of The Log Angeles Times says, With anticipation of the new Apple Inc. tablet computer — or whatever it is — at a fever pitch, every tiny thing the company does is noted, analyzed and discussed with an intensity the CIA might envy.

For example the following was the invite that was sent by Apple about the event to be held on January 27 at 10am PST.

There are literally thousands of posts and view points what each color/design element/message/splotch in this picture could mean about Apple’s next launch. I would not add to any of these. (just Google ‘Apple’ and you would literally see yourself lost marveling at a Global Marketing Case Study unfold live in front your eyes). As a sample, see an incisive analysis of this invite from Apple:

“In reference to the new invite, notice that some of the paint splotches were created while the “canvas” was laying flat while some of them are dripping as if to indicate an upright orientation during that part of creating the image, the last orange splotch is flat again.

A graphical device with orientation awareness. What could it possibly be?”

Let’s see what it would be on the 27th.

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