Steve Jobs – The FIRST FAN of all things Apple

You must have no doubt read so many write ups about Steve Jobs in the wake of his resignation from the Apple of the world. No exception here, as each day I get to read so many interesting articles and a number of ‘post mortems’ of his role as the CEO, the salesman, the evangelist of most (if not all) products that ever came out from Apple’.  I was reading this artcile on Steve Jobs at Fast Co.Design and have found it very insightful.  A few snippets:

  • If you listen to Steve Jobs’s presentations over the years, he comes across not as the creator of a product so much as its very first fan—the first person to digest its possibilities.
  • A reporter who asked Jobs about the market research that went into the iPad was famously told, “None. It’s not the consumers’ job to know what they want.”
  • He is a focus group of one, the ideal Apple customer, two years out.
  • It’s almost certain that Jobs has killed far more great ideas than he ever let live—there are 313 patents under his name covering everything from packaging to user interfaces.
  • He has taught his entire organization to play in the span of product generations rather than just product introductions: Apple designers say that now, each design they create has to be presented alongside a mock-up of how that design might evolve in the second or third generation.

On the flip side:

  • When Steve Jobs has fancied himself the chief creator, disastrous failures often ensued (eg: Apple Cube)
  • He was also openly disdainful of the Internet in the late 1990s.

Catch the full article here.

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